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Buyer brokerage

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Buying, renovating or maintaining a house, apartment or catering business in southern Spain is different than you are used to in the Netherlands. Rules, permits, bureaucracy, a large number of sales agents… Save a lot of trouble and choose a professional partner who will arrange everything for you. With more than 20 years of experience on the Spanish Costa del Sol, we know exactly what people encounter.

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Buyer brokerage

You may have been dreaming about a second home in Spain for some time. The wide range, many locations and number of real estate agents in the Costa del Sol can sometimes feel like a maze. We select the best homes that brokers offer based on your wishes and guide you through the entire process.


Renovations are often a major challenge. You will have to deal with permits and various processes. Select a professional partner who will arrange everything for you. We work with our own contractor and have built up a fantastic team of professionals in recent years. Whether it‘s a small renovation or a complete renovation, we guarantee the best result!


With a maintenance and service subscription with HOME, you can rely on us for checking in on your home and dealing with quick repairs. Whether you are staying abroad for longer periods or don’t have time in Spain, your own or rented home is in trusted hands.

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These customers love to share their experience…

During my visit to Estepona I became acquainted with Ana. I indicated that I might want to buy something in the future. She asked me what I would like and when I indicated what the location had to meet, she responded with the comment: then I have something for you. Just walk along. And it was absolutely right. The location met all requirements and when my wife called to ask where I was, I told her I was with the broker. We ended up buying it uncle. Dear Ana, thank you for your good advice but also for the perfect guidance because there will be something to look at. Earlier than expected we have a nice apartment in Estepona!

Henk F. Fennema

Ana worked on a refurbishment project of my apartment in 2017 from concept design through to completion.I wasn’t in Spain while the refurbishment was being done but Ana managed the contractors and dealt with any emerging issues in a highly professional manner consulting with me when required. The work was completed on schedule to an excellent standard and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of doing any type of project on their property.


I know nobody like Ana, who has this talent to not only precisely understand the needs of someone who, as a foreigner, is looking for a second home in Andalucia. Out of the jungle of all sorts of problems to be solved, she smoothes not only everything with great courtesy and commitment, but also balances hard financial requirements with an incredible know how to create an elegant ‘state of the art’ habitat in an enchanted environment. It goes without saying I recommend here strongly to anybody who considers their ‘home dream’ to really come true.

Theo de Roon

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So are you looking for a new home or would you like to have a chat about your plans. Let’s meet. At your home or somewhere on a terrace for a cup of coffee. Then you can explain your wishes to us and we can tell you exactly what we can do for you. Of course free of charge and without any obligation.

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