About HOME

Buying a property in Spain is not something that you will do every day.

With the right guidance it will be also possible for YOU to make the right decision, to figure out what the property is worth, a thoughtful negotiation strategy to choose and know exactly what everything means in the sales contract.

HOME! is founded by Ana Parrilla Caceres and you will benefit from her knowledge and determination on the real estate market. Ana also has a massive passion and experience in construction works, renovations and refurbishment. You will be flabbergasted if you see the results of the projects in the past and we are more than happy to share this passion and create your dream home on the Costa del Sol.

If your (2nd) home is at the perfect location for you but is not (yet) complete or does not totally meet your living requirements in terms of layout and choice of materials, then HOME can also assist you. For more info go to our ¨Construction services¨ page on our website.

What HOME can do for you


We always hope to meet you in person to introduce ourselves and our way of working. On the same time, we will listen carefully to all your living dreams so that we can realize your future favorite home.

Viewing properties

There is a selection of properties on our website but please note there is always more… HOME will give you some customized options to have a serious look at. Interested in a property? Please let u know asap and we will work with you in planning a visit asap!


YES! Your new second home, holiday location or investment is found but where do go from here? Our extensive inspection-report enables us to develop a strategy together with you. We will bring an offer on your behalf, of course also under all relevant conditions and we will also make sure that we receive all the paperwork and pieces that belong the property.

Completition of your new home

Your dream home is purchased! HOME will have a good look together with you at the contracts and we join you for the most important final inspection of the property and the transfer at the notary.


Theo de Roon: ‘I know nobody like Ana, who has this talent to not only precisely understand the needs of someone who, as a foreigner, is looking for a second home in Andalucia. Out of the jungle of all sorts of problems to be solved, she smoothes not only everything with great courtesy and commitment, but also balances hard financial requirements with an incredible know how to create an elegant ‘state of the art’ habitat in an enchanted environment. It goes without saying I recommend here strongly to anybody who considers their ‘home dream’ to really come true’

Henk F. Fennema: Tijdens mijn bezoek aan Estepona maakte ik kennis met Ana. Ik gaf aan misschien in de toekomst iets te willen kopen. Ze vroeg mij wat ik dan zou willen en toen ik aangaf waar de locatie aan moest voldoen, reageerde ze met de opmerking: dan heb ik iets voor jullie. Loop maar eens mee. En het klopte helemaal. De locatie voldeed aan alle wensen en toen mij vrouw belde met de vraag waar ik zat, vertelde ik haar dat ik bij de makelaar zat. Uiteindelijk hebben we het oom gekocht. Lieve Ana, bedankt voor je goede advies maar ook voor de perfecte begeleiding want er komt wel wat bekijken. Eerder dan gedacht hebben wij een leuk appartement in Estepona!

Tom: Ana worked on a refurbishment project of my apartment in 2017 from concept design through to completion.I wasn’t in Spain while the refurbishment was being done but Ana managed the contractors and dealt with any emerging issues in a highly professional manner consulting with me when required. The work was completed on schedule to an excellent standard and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of doing any type of project on their property.


Jim en Vivian: Vi fik den bedste rådgivning og hjælp fra Ana Caceres i forbindelse med køb af vores lejlighed i Estepona. Vi kan kun give vores bedste anbefalinger til andre købere. Big kiss and hug